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September 26, 2014

I love working with Rumer – I’m always grateful when we collaborate, especially when kickass moments get recognized and give her the style recognition she deserves. She’s always been about experimenting and evolving, but I love where’s she’s at right now and I’m super stoked that designers and the fashion world are taking notice – like Franziska Fox. When she booked the Fall campaign for the company, I was super excited about working on this shoot with her and the Franziska Fox team. Rumer amazingly rocked a hott Franziska skirt to the Elle’s Women in Music Celebration, which got tons of press for her FUEGO-NESS, so I knew she was going to rock this shoot.


The photo shoot was a success and the team was incredible to work with. I was really excited to be in my hometown (New York) with Rue, and the clothes looked great in the fittings and the pre-production meeting. We got even more excited, when we found out the talented Michael Avedon was shooting this campaign – he’s so passionate about his talent and that energy gave the photo shoot a really great vibe.

With that being said, when we finally saw the shots being used for the campaign, Rue and I were really disappointed. Franziska Fox decided to launch the  photos for the campaign before getting Rumer’s approval. She nor anyone on her team would have given the images approval, because some were terribly photoshopped. The photoshop done to her face is insulting and disrespectful to Rumer, but society, really. Rumer is such a beauty and to distort her features, which was the main reason why she was hired is baffling. I could not believe my eyes when I saw some of the photos, they were completely different from the photos I remember, especially after comparing the photos I shot with my phone (see below).




The lighting, makeup and photos were so beautiful, especially her body, she’s in insane shape, so the photoshop was unnecessary.


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The images that were shot and the images that were released are complete opposites – it is mind-blowing to me and everyone that knows Rue.  These photos give the fashion industry a bad rep. The fashion industry has taken strides, legally and morally, to protect the women that work in this industry, to prevent the psychological issues this industry has caused, but most importantly, to fix the message that is being projected to young females in the world. These images represent a woman who is not comfortable in her own skin, which is the complete opposite of who Rumer Willis is and what she’s about. She’s kickass, confident, respects herself and most importantly leads a healthy lifestyle, which could NEVER justify any alterations to her face or her body, in any shape or form – not even a unique beauty mark. I am sad and dissapointed that these images are the end result, especially a project that everyone involved was excited for.

I’m so protective of my clients and I’m just as hurt by these images of Rue, as if it was my own body being altered.

I want to close this post with a couple questions addressed to the company that released these photos:

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if someone dramatically altered the way you looked???

How did a FEMALE company look at the altered photos and feel confident that the images chosen were the best representation of the brand?

To Michael Avedon’s team:  You’re so talented and your skill is so recognized – How could you approve these images? They overshadow your talent.

Women in this industry are already picked apart, ridiculed, and judged – this is one perfect example. It’s sad when certain decisions like this are made, which is comparable to individuals that hide behind their computer screens and cyber bully – both are not cool in my book. Photoshop is a tool and great for filtering photos, 3D effects, and altering brightness, but not to terribly alter human beings. We should not stand for this kind of work- it’s not humane. The fashion industry is supposed to fun and about experimenting, but situations like this rob females of the beauty and fun of fashion.

* Rumer asked the company to retract the edited photos and only release the one’s she had approved and had not been edited.



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  • Reply jaime September 28, 2014 at 4:02 am

    Why would they book anyone and then alter their appearance? Next time they should just hire Pixar and they can create their own model. Rumer Willis is so absolutely stunning, these people made a HUGE mistake.

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